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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page where we have assembled a detailed list of the most asked questions and the answers you are looking for. If you have a question that is not already answered here, please contact us

Can anyone become an Advertiser at Digital Fuel Affiliate Network?

Yes. Anyone that has a website selling online products or services that accepts digital payments can become an Advertiser in our network. Contact one of our sales advisers for more information or apply online

Can we control which affiliates and publishers get access to our brand?

Yes. The system allows you to configure manual or automatic approval processes depending on your requirements giving you the opportunity to individual verify each affiliate that applies to market your brand.

Can we contact affiliates directly to communicate with them?

Yes. The Digital Fuel Affiliate Network system allows you to assign a brand manager to each affiliate that is subscribed to your brand and provides communication tools to send and receive messages. Some information about the affiliate is made available to you for use when approving accounts.

What banner types are we able to upload into the system and make available for affiliates?

The Digital Fuel Affiliate Network platform supports all of the major banner and creative types currently available including: Image GIF Banners, Flash Banners & Widgets, Pseudo Pop-ups, Rich HTML, Text Links, Mail Templates, Offline Coupons, XML Feeds and Social Media Ads.

Can I upload custom banner designs for specific affiliates?

Yes. Once an affiliate has applied and been accepted by you there is the option to upload a Personal Creative within that affiliate account.

Are there any limits to the number of affiliates that can be recruited for our brand?

No. Digital Fuel Affiliate Network does not place any limits on the number of affiliate subscriptions you can accept, giving you the freedom to recruit as many affiliates as possible to promote your products.

What commission types can we offer to affiliates?

You can choose from a variety of commission types including Rev-Share, CPA, Hybrid Models, Cost per Referrals and Lot Rebate (Forex Only). For more information about commission types and integration methods with your back office system please contact an Digital Fuel Affiliate Network Account Manager.

Are we able to configure custom commission plans for affiliates?

Yes. The system gives you the ability to configure custom commission plans for each affiliate if required. There is also the ability to enable or disable specific commission types on an affiliate by affiliate basis if required.

Are we able to report on the statistics and performance of affiliates for our brand?

Yes. The Digital Fuel Affiliate Network platform allows you to build and customize reports giving you detail information on the performance of all the affiliates promoting your brand. All reports can be broken down by campaigns, countries, customers, languages, banners and filtered giving you the tools you need to fully optimize your performance with publishers.

What payment methods are available to pay affiliates with?

You are able to pay affiliates through any means you choose. If your plan includes Digital Fuel Affiliate Network making payments on your behalf, we require payment via bank wire. Common payment methods would be Wire Transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or by cheque.

What integration methods are available for integrating our brand with the Digital Fuel Affiliate platform?

Digital Fuel Affiliate Network supports a variety of integration methods to support you specific needs including cookie based pixel and API tracking. Our project management team will be on hand to assist you with the implementation and integration of your brand during the initial setup process to make sure that a solid foundation is built to ensure the long term prospects with our affiliates and publishers.

What should I do if I have a question that is not answered here?

If you have a question that is not already answered here, please contact us

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