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Affiliate Consultancy

Digital Fuel Affiliate Network's experts can audit your affiliate programme and ensure you're working with the correct publishers and compensating them appropriately to ensure positive long-term results. We can advise your team on difficult day to day queries and programme management.

How We Can Help You

Software Review
Check your affiliate software and creative is operating as intended. Make sure you have the correct links, landing pages, banners and API feeds available for affiliates to use.
Review your affiliate recruitment strategy. Identify affiliates you are not working with based on possible affiliate types and who is working with your competitors. Help you efficiently find affiliates' contact details.
Check your commissions for each affiliate is maximising performance and that each is delivering you a positive ROI. Review and combat affiliate fraud, including CPA fraud and revenue share arbitrage.
Discuss how you deal with the most common and most challenging affiliate queries, and devise a strategy for doing so. Help you understand the markets, your goals and budgets. Are they too conservative or too challenging?

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